Andrés Durán


Andrés Durán, b. Chile 1974 lives and works in Santiago de Chile.

Andrés´s work has developed around the city of Santiago de Chile, where he´s been focusing my research on various phenomena common to most Latin American cities. Accelerated growth, usually out of planning and order, generates hybrid and eclectic cities. These are the starting point for images that mix reality and fiction.

His principal interest has been creating experiences with images. by photography, video and digital post-production as a media. he has used differents medias to generate those experiences, like: advertisement billboard, installation, video installation, and big format photography. 

Selection of solo exhibitions: Monumento Editado (Chile-Perú-Bolivia-Argentina) 2017, PHotoEspaña. Madrid España. Ofrenda (2016), Sala de Arte CCU. Santiago de Chile.

Monumento Editado (Chile-Perú-Bolivia-Argentina) 2016, Fundación FoLa (Fototeca Latinoamericana), Buenos Aires Argentina. Edited Monument - Ave. Of the Americas (2016), Y Gallery, Nueva York, USA. Ejercicios para distraer la mirada (2012), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago Chile. Terreno Baldío (2002), Galería Gabriela Mistral. Santiago de Chile.

Casa Cartel (2001), Intervención Pública, Santiago de Chile.


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