Pedro Wainer


Pedro was born in Mexico City to Argentine parents and lives/works in Buenos Aires. He studied filmmaking, photography and dramaturgy at Eliseo Subiela's Professional Film School (1995) and the New York Film Academy (2001), among others. He received the following scholarships: the annual art seminar at Cultural Center Rector Ricardo Rojas (2006), the Film Laboratory of Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (2013), the group scholarship from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (2014), and the scholarship for Encontro de Artistas Novos organized by the City of Culture of Galicia in Cordoba, Argentina (2016). He received a Jury's mention prize in the 5th AAMC Photography Exhibition at the Emilio Caraffa Museum, Córdoba, Argentina (2016). Recent artist residencies include: Arts Letters and Numbers (2017) and La Ira de Dios #6 (2016).

Pedro is a co-founder and member of Provisorio Permanente, an art collective *that creates participatory performances and installations. Alongside this ongoing collaborative group, he focuses his individual practice within cinema and photography from an object-oriented perspective, putting at the forefront the materiality of select apparatuses and technologies. He transforms outdated instruments into new devices that generate images that extend beyond the machine’s designated purpose. He is interested in analog processes not only as a physical/chemical phenomenon, but also as an exploration of the history of the mechanisms that make these techniques possible.

Recent solo and group exhibitions include: "Ensayo General #15", Ensayo General (2 person exhibition, Buenos Aires, 2017) “Align in Distance”, DĄĄB Gallery (New York City, 2017), “Logos” Little Berlin Gallery (Philadelphia, 2017), “Otra Situación de Tiempo” MAR Museo (Mar del Plata, 2017), “Portrait of a Landscape”, Shirley Fiterman Art Center (NYC, 2016), "Transcodificar", The Clubhouse (Solo exhibition, Buenos Aires, 2015); “La máquina animal”, Galería La Ira de Dios (Solo exhibition, Buenos Aires, 2014); “Ilusiones convergentes, Proyecciones e Introyecciones”, Galería Turbo (Solo exhibition, Buenos Aires, 2010), “Últimas Tendencias II”, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, 2012); “Museo Salvaje”, Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, 2008), “Amigos de lo Ajeno”, Galería Turbo (Buenos Aires, 2008); “Máquinas de tiempo”, Centro Cultural de la Universidad del Nordeste (Resistencia, Chaco 2007), among others.


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