Carolina Magnin


Carolina Magnin is a visual artist and co founder of La Ira de Dios, a non-profit artist led residency space that supports artists and curators.

Her practice and research is focused on the idea of remembrance as a fictional construction and photography as a creator of new realities. Magnin is interested in the concept of memory and its influence on the singularity of existence as well as the antinomical concepts that inhabits that idea: individuality and universality, reality and fiction, uniqueness and multiplicity, presence and absence.

Through the appropiation of archive material, the pieces explore a new state where marks, the hidden and the inability to scape oblivion are the essential synapse.

Some of Carolina Magnin’s solo exhibitions are: Bonheur (C.C. Recoleta, Bs As, 2016), Liebe (Exposure12 galerie, Berlin, 2015 and Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Bs As, 2015), AA201 (EAC, Montevideo, 2015), Ánima (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Salta, 2014) y Museo Emilio Caraffa, (Córdoba, 2013), Timeline (Galeria Gachi Prieto, Bs As, 2010). And some collective exhibitions are Clavel del aire (Centro Cultural Haraoldo Conti, 2017), Ahnung (Nachpeicher23 galerie, Hamburg, 2016), Portrait of a Landscape (Shirley Fiterman Art Center, New York, 2016), Paisajes inmateriales (Centro Cultural Rojas, Bs As, 2016), Las medidas del vacio (Fundación PROA, Bs As, 2015), Trame (Galeria Barbara Frigerio, Milano, 2014), Magnin has participated in different prizes: Paradigma digital in ArteBA (2008), Renaissance Prize, London, (2012), Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales (2010, 2014), Premio Itaú), Salón Nacional de Rosario (2013), Lucio Fontana Prize (2015), Premio Fundación Andreani 2017, Premio Braque 2017 in Muntref and Bienal sur.


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