Retrato de un Paisaje @ Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori


Retrato de un Paisaje

Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori | Av. Infanta Isabel 555 | Parque Tres de Febrero, BsAs, Argentina

September 1st- October 7th, 2018 | Opening Reception: September 1st 12 - 7pm

Participating Artists:
- Buenos Aires - Rodrigo Alcon Quintanilha, Erica Bohm, Ayelen Coccoz, Claudia Cortínez, Estefanía Landesmann, Samuel Lasso, Carolina Magnin, Pedro Wainer 
- NYC - James Hyde, Myeongsoo Kim, Barney Kulok, Esperanza Mayobre, Alva Mooses, Libby Pratt, Martyna Szczesna, Max Warsh 

Curator: Claudia Cortínez

In the practice of photography, the terms portrait and landscape have come to define not only the medium’s most traditional genres but also the standards of composition when viewing or making an image. Retrato de un Paisaje plays with these formats as conventions to be expanded, exploring the line between image and object and the possibility of transformation from one into the other.

The exhibition brings together artists based in New York City and Buenos Aires who look to the urban and natural landscape to discuss themes of memory, identity, and perception, and use photography in ways that push the physicality of the image to the foreground. In times where instantaneity reigns, and the photographic image has become synonymous with a sense of intangibility and detachment, Retrato de un Paisaje offers a counter perspective back into the intimacy of matter, permeable to the forces at play in the physical world.

Photographs can be facts as well as ghosts and shadows; the infinite liberties that exist at the moment of capturing light do not cease to give evidence to the environments in which they were made. The exhibited works speak to a range of these manipulations (be they chemical, mechanical, or material) to foreground the act of perception, the subjectivities of memory, and the cyclical experience of time.                             

The word Heimweh, signifying a desire for proximity to the familiar, and Fernweh, coined by German Romanticists to convey an idea of longing for the farawayare concepts also at play. The works present us with distant geographies and memories, often relating to places of origin or significant socio-political antecedents, to bring them insistently into the present. These emotional urgencies get translated into more abstract gestures: the impulse to magnify, to push in and out of focus on endless loop, to search for minute singularity within the multiple.

 If landscape is a way of seeing we can assume it’s possible variables are as vast as there are ways of seeing. Backgrounds inevitably affect foregrounds- how do we lessen the distance and become participants not observers? How do we construct self and language within a landscape?

 The first iteration of this exhibition took place in 2016 in New York City. This edition brings together the same group of artists in Buenos Aires, furthering the confluence between these cities with a new dialogue between their works.

-Claudia Cortínez

Alva Mooses