Every Grain of Sand...Notes from a Visit to Nicaragua

In loving memory of Dore Ashton, 1928-2017

photograph by Alva Mooses, 2010

photograph by Alva Mooses, 2010

As a former student of Dore Ashton at The Cooper Union School of Art, I saved some of the quotes, handwritten notes and copies of typed letters that Dore shared with me, some of which specifically relate to art & politics in Latin America. Dore Ashton is a bold and influential figure—I continue to carry her messages with me. 

Alva Mooses, New York, February 5, 2017


On this day, in all of our villages, in our mountains, the dead are walking, returning to us, and they are once again talking and listening to us. In all the huts, in all the camps, in a small place an ofrenda is greeting our dead and inviting them to eat, to laugh, to smoke, to take coffee, to dance. Yes, to dance, because our dead are indeed dancers. Dancers, and they also love to talk, our dead. They recount histories to us. Because it was through recounting histories that our very first ones taught and learned to walk. And so our dead have the same way, as do we, also, the dead that we are. The Days of the Flowers are the days of the dead in our mountain.

Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)

Alva Mooses